Vizi creates a simple, standardised markbook for use by individual teachers or across the whole school.

Markbooks in one place

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View all of your markbooks in one place in My Markbooks. View key details on each markbook, like completion and number of assessments recorded for that group allowing you to easily fill in the gaps.

Make it yours

Neatly arrange your markbooks on the your markbook screen to get everything in order and choose your own colours. Quickly access those that you use a lot and keep others tucked away for later.

Create bespoke grade types and keep consistency

In Vizi you can create any number of grade types, from conventional exam board styles, to totally bespoke grades that suit your marking environment.

The great thing about creating these grade types, is that they always remain comparable. So you may have two different grade types measuring attainment and you retain the ability to plot those two on the same graph and compare students that have been graded with these two grade types.

Recording your data is just the start!

Vizi provides the latest in data visualisation to quickly and easily display and draw insight from your data.