Viz's gives answers to the questions that need asking.

Through best practice data visualisation and interactive visuals, Viz's change how you interact with data.

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Using the latest in data visualisation tech to answers from your data

Ask questions

Interrogate your markbook in a way you have never been able to before, simply click to ask the questions.

Intuitive saves time

Get the answers you need quickly, rather than being bamboozled with complicated 3D pie charts.

We are visual

Tap into our innate human ability to visually spot trends and patterns and get the information from your markbook faster than ever before.


Compare strengths and weaknesses with colleagues to identify and share best practice.


Help students to pinpoint areas of improvement, even dissecting mock exam performance question by question.


Maximise your 10 minute slot at parents' evening by showing their child's progress in a fast and high impact visual manner.

Decision making

Ensure your decisions are as well informed as possible

Any level

View your school's data at any level, group, department, year or even the whole school.

Real time

Make decisions with the most recent data available, as Vizi dashboards update as soon as a teacher submits new marks.

Allocate resources

Ensure resources are allocated where they are needed by keeping a track on whole school progress.

Insight at every level

Any level

When you search Vizi for a student or a form, set, house, year group, subject... your data is all there, displayed in a Vizi dashboard.

Auto generated

Vizi will generate these dashboards based on the data you have entered, showing you the key information relating to your students.

Save time

Having the tools to quickly and effectively visualise your data saves a huge amount of time.

Your data, for you

You no longer have to rely on complex Excel workbooks or your resident data expert. It is all there, ready for you to use!.

Create your own

Your story

Create, modify and save your own Vizi dashboards to tell your own story.

Your data

You can show different performance metrics or grade types and show your data by topic or assessment type.

Your dashboards

Move and resize charts and graphs on your dashboard to create a view that suits you.

Your insight

Showing off student performance at parents evening or displaying whole school performance to regulatory bodies has never been easier.

How are Vizi's dashboards different?

Day to day

Vizi revolves around getting insight from normally untapped data in your markbook and making it truly accessible to every teacher, making the markbook a day to day resource.

We believe data should be useful every day in improving student outcomes, not just at year end.


Vizi's dashboards are dynamic. Static charts and graphs can only show data from a single perspective.

Vizi allows you to explore your data and create different views and outlooks all from the same dashboard. Take a look at our video to see more.

For everyone

All teachers store their data in the same place, in the same format and have the same real-time tools to understand their data.

This empowers teachers to use their markbook as an everyday resource, one that can be used to improve teaching, not just to retrospectively judge performance.

Take the effort out of data analysis. Get automated feedback from your markbook.