Intelligent Feedback

Vizi analyses your markbook, behavioural and attendance data, giving you real-time feedback on student performance.

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Vizi uses machine learning to automatically generate feedback based on the performance, attendance and conduct data you enter. It spots trends and patterns you might not notice!

Risers and fallers

Receive alerts on students who are rising or falling in their progress.

Don't miss the missable

Catch easy to miss patterns, such as a student dropping in performance across multiple groups within a short time.

Consistency is key

Consistency deserves to be recognised, Vizi lets you know which students are keeping an even keel.

Papers please!

Receive due assessment alerts when it is time to collect in work.

Have you seen this?

Share resources with colleagues via your feed, such as TED talks, youtube videos, article links etc.

Just one more thing...

Late homework doesn't have to fall through the cracks, Vizi lets you know when an assessment hasn't had all the marks submitted.

Communication is key

Feedback messages help the entire school network communicate

To: everyone

Send messages to staff by group, department, year or even the entire school.

Don't reinvent the wheel

Sharing resources between teachers saves time and promotes best practice.

Safeguarding is everyones' lookout

Feedback messages keep everyone in the loop, so that negative trends can be identified before they become problems.

Understanding and getting insight from your markbooks has never been so easy.

Getting real-time feedback on your data allows you to make interventions and adjustments to get the most out of your pupils.

Have a go, submit your marks and see how your students have been doing...

My markbook - Set 1A

Name Target Attainment Application Comment
Mark A A Good Well behaved
Tariq B C Average Poorly behaved
Sarah C A Very good

Mark's performance in set 1A has rapidly improved.1 minute ago

Mark's application grades have rapidly improved over the Angles assessment and 2 others.

Tariq's performance in set 1A has rapidly declined.1 minute ago

Tariqs's application grades have rapidly declined over the Angles assessment and 2 others.

Sarah has acheived the best attainment performance for set 1A over the past 5 assessments.1 minute ago

Attainment grades for Sarah have been top of 1A over the past 5 assessments.

Uncover new insights

With the extensive workload teachers now face, it can be easy to miss small changes in performance – changes that could be down to social issues, nerves, health or a new found understanding of a subject!

Using data analytics, Vizi picks out these peaks and troughs, giving you the opportunity to intervene, provide encouragement or commend good work!

Cross group opportunities for intervention

With the right permissions, teachers can receive messages about students, maybe those students who are in their form.

Cross group messages pull academic achievement for students across all their groups, giving you a truer picture of their current performance.

If a student in your form had handed in assessments over the past two weeks, across all subjects, markedly below their average... wouldn't you want to know?

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