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Vizi creates a simple, standardised markbook for use by individual teachers or across the whole school.

A markbook for everyone

Use any grades

Use the grading systems that you are familiar with, Vizi is fully customisable.

Save time

Save time by using quick fill and auto grade functionality, data entry has to be as painless as possible, whilst getting the most from it.

Hassle free

Vizi automatically creates a markbook for each group you teach and allows you to flick between your markbooks, entering marks when you have the time.

Filter and colour

Pick out interesting trends in key demographics with filters and signpost progress against targets and peers with colours.

Quickly record your marks


Entering marks is quick and easy on every device. Login from anywhere.

Input made easy

Simple dropdowns and input boxes are used to enter data based on the grade types you have selected.

Good work!

Add optional comments and a status to show whether the work was on-time or late.

Automatically grade your work

No more % headaches

When entering marks (34/50), Vizi can autocalculate grade boundaries for you and work out grades.

My way

Or type in your own grade boundaries and Vizi will apply those for you and grade your work.

Markbooks in one place

The headlines tonight

View all of your markbooks in one place in My Markbooks. View key details on each markbook, like completion and number of assessments recorded for that group allowing you to easily fill in the gaps.

Make it yours

Neatly arrange your markbooks on the 'my markbooks' screen to get everything in order and choose your own colours. Quickly access those that you use a lot and keep others tucked away for later.

Create different types of assessment

Set formative or summative assessments, for whatever level of detail you want to capture, you can create an assessment.

For each assessment you can specify multiple grade types to capture, assign topics and give details and resources. Vizi will also set reminders for marking the assessment based on set and due dates.

For an assessment you can record multiple levels of detail. For example, if there is a particularly important assessment, you can record marks for the individual sections or questions (or anything else!) for that assessment. Vizi is designed to be totally malleable to your needs - allowing you to capture lots of detail, or a broad summary of performance and behaviour.

Create bespoke grade types

In Vizi you can create any number of grade types, from conventional exam board styles, to totally bespoke grades that suit your marking environment.

Whilst you can create any grade type, they always remain comparable. Two different grade types measuring attainment can be plotted on the same graph so you can always compare student progress.