Vizi student and parent portals

Share information and manage homework for your students and parents.

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Parent portal


Give parents the appropriate level of oversight on their child's performance.


Create more opportunities for parents to influence and react to their child's performance.


Allow parents to contribute to their child's development with better clarity on their performance.

Learn together

Get feedback from parents on how students learn best.

Student portal

Self assessment

Students can self-assess and strive to meet and further their goals.

Consistent format

Students get feedback in a consistent, familiar format that is easy to understand and build upon.


Easily share and access resources, organised by assessment, class, subject, year etc.


Students can manage and stay on top of their homework across all of their subjects and classes.

You can add student and parent portals to your current or new enterprise account!

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Set, collect, mark and feedback - all in one place.

Setting homework, recording marks, giving feedback and analysing progress all in one place

Using multiple systems to achieve these goals costs time, effort and money.

Vizi allows you to set homework and collect homework from your students. You can grade and give feedback all in the same place!

There's even the option to allow students and parents to use Vizi's powerful analytics, if you choose to do so.