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Vizi is the intelligent markbook for primary and secondary schools and individual teachers.


Simple, intuative, customisable and accessible markbook.


Automated, intelligent and real-time feedback from your data.


Interactive, customisable and multi-level dashboards.

Do more with your data...

Making data an everyday resource

How often do you analyse your markbook? Why not every day? With Vizi, this becomes possible. Our aim is to make data an everyday resource, that doesn't require a huge investment of time.

Vizi will look across subject, year, gender and more to spot patterns and correlations. It will then deliver insightful and easy to understand feedback in real-time.

Simple, dynamic and customisable dashboards allow you to view performance and analyse data, at every level in real-time.

Save your time!

Save your time for the important things. Vizi is designed to be simple and intuitive allowing you to quickly and easily analyse your data.

There is no more tedious Excel spreadsheets or complicated analysis applications, Vizi does it all. Timesaving features like auto-grade, Quick fill and assessment breakdowns take the pain out of recording your marks.

We want to make the markbook a resource, one that doesn't require a huge investment of time.

Performance data shouldn't be used as a hammer to critisise, rather a constant resource that can be used to drive improvement.

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