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How can data visualisation be useful in education?

20th July 2017 | Chris O'Mahony

Having evidence in the form of data is a great start to answering these questions, and with a decent MIS or tracking system you can build up lots of nice data :). Often, it is interpreting that data that is the tricky bit.

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Key principles of good data visualisation.

20th July 2017 | Chris O'Mahony

In this post we will be talking about the key principles of good data visualisation. A key goal at Vizi is to give educators the tools to draw insight from their data through data visualisations. By following these guidelines users can make the most of these tools.

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We want to make the school data an everyday resource.

A resource that doesn't require a huge investment of time and that is available to every teacher and educator in a click of a button.

Data visualisation and machine learning makes your data come to life and helps to improve student outcomes.

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