Multi academy trusts

Compare attainment, progress, attendance, behaviour and safeguarding incidents across all of your academies with unparalleled insight. 

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Achieve a truly holistic view of your students with Vizi


Unparalleled instance analytics, simply click to cut and slice

Smart charts

Easy intuitive student tracking, compare to target, peers, historic

AI Reports

Automatic progress reports take the pain out of report writing

Smart alerts

Real time AI updates, our algorithm spots trends and patterns for you


Self marking quizzes, peer marked work, straight to your markbook


Exam analysis question by question, add skills, topics and more


Our smart markbook has hundreds of preset colour options, sparklines, auto grading and more


Integrate with your MIS to retrieve or send codes automatically and seamlessly


Log behaviours, students, times, locations and reward positive/negative points


Secure safeguarding incident tracker, keep all involved parties up to date and in the loop


Personalised student objectives allow tailored progress for each individual

Seating charts

Manage your classrooms and AI sort your students by attainment, attendance, behaviour

Vizi for MATs

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