Student and parent

Set homework, share resources and publish attainment and progress to students and parents alike. 

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Interact with students and parents seamlessly. 


Unparalleled instance analytics, simply click to cut and slice


Interactive quizzes can be created or reused from the market place, with plenty of presets available.


Set tasks, receive submissions and completions and mark within Vizi, easy homework management!

Publish results

Publish results to students and parents, feeding through to info feeds, tasks and vizs.

Instant marking

Quizzes can be instantly marked and the results put straight into your markbook.


Add resources such as images, videos, pdfs etc. to your tasks to help students and parents.

Resource visibility

Tailor resource visibility for each resource for students, parents and teachers.

Peer marking

Quizzes can be peer marked, giving your students the opportunity to learn through marking.

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