Why Vizi?

A Viz for everyone

Vizi can be used by everyone, from solo teachers to multi academy trusts. Click below to find out how Vizi can help you.

Secondary schools

Secondary schools

Vizi keeps all of your marks, grades, comments and SEN plans in one place, accessible instantly. This complete single data set enables decisions to be made with full possession of the facts.

Our collections allow you to group students and sets into houses, faculties, departments, year groups and more. This enables senior leadership to view Vizs at any level, from a single student snapshot to a whole school picture. The same visualisations are invaluable to teachers as aids for report writing, parents evenings and explaining the next steps to students.

Reduce workload

Automatic marking, report writing and intuitive Vizs save teachers time and frees them up from fighting with data. Every teacher has their information one click away with their markbook, seating planner and smart charts.

Exam analysis

Detailed question by question analysis of exams, including mocks and tests, pinpoints weak areas for students to focus on to prepare for final exams. Explain to students and parents using intuitive Vizs.

Attainment 8/Progress 8

Vizi calculates attainment 8, progress 8 and KS2 fine levels for all applicable students automatically. Dynamic attainment 8/progress 8 calculations can be used to track progress throughout the year.

Primary schools

Primary schools

Track students' progress against the national curriculum objectives easily and intuitively. There is no need to deviate from your current progress criteria as Vizi allows for any tracking method. Year group and whole school Vizs give senior leaders an instant top-level view of progress and attainment.

Use our Vizs to understand where students are progressing and where they are struggling. Decisions in the implementation process can then be made on a fully informed basis as to which parts of the curriculum to target next. This enables both optimisation of student outcomes and accurate tracking of impact.

Pre loaded objectives

Vizi comes fully loaded with all National Curriculum objectives so tracking can be started straight away. Objectives are sorted into a natural hierarchy to allow overviews of subjects and topics.

'Deep dive' readiness

Teachers will have the full picture of their students' progress and attainment at their finger tips with Vizs and smart charts, equipping them with easy, accessible 'deep dive' knowledge.

Vulnerable students

Vizs and alerts can be tailored to flag performance in vulnerable student demographics, ensuring that no one is left behind. This can be imported straight from your MIS - no extra workload.

Independent schools

Independent schools

Vizi can be tailored to fit your school and your goals. Allowing for any assessment/grading system, there is no need to change from how you currently record results. Customise the look and feel of your Vizi for students, teachers and parents by importing your own branding, including colour schemes and logos.

Provide your teaching staff with the best tools available for understanding day to day student performance and communicating with students, parents and colleagues. Explaining student progress and planning next steps becomes easy with beautiful intuitive Vizs.


Department heads, heads of houses, sports coaches and more can use collections to track progress and achievement, receiving customised feedback for each collection as required.

Automatic reports and quizzes

Generate intelligent written reports for each student that can be tailored and customised, and mark interactive quizzes automatically to save your teachers valuable time.

Cutting edge Viz

Be a leader in student outcomes by using the latest in visualisation and educational AI technology.

Multi academy trusts

Multi academy trusts

Vizi's power comes from taking individual data points and aggregating them in one place to give you the big picture in terms of progress and attainment. This scales beautifully to multi academy trusts, giving you the full information from a single student's progress to comparing each academy in turn.

Grading and assessment systems can be shared between academies, ensuring that data is coherent and comparable. Exam breakdowns, assessments and interactive quizzes are all shareable between academies, meaning each one does not have to reinvent the wheel!

Centralised control

Set targets and processes centrally to ensure consistency across all academies.

Big picture Viz

From classes to year groups through to multiple academies, Vizs can be selected to give exactly the snapshot you need.

Track demographics

Compare specific demographics such as SEN, pupil premium, FSM eligible and more across your academies using intelligent alerts and Vizs.

Free school trial

Get in touch and one of our consultants will be in contact to answer any questions you may have. Setting up for a trial is easy and we do all the hard work!



Vizi is designed for teachers. It is extremely intuitive to use and squeezes as much information out of the inputs you enter, to make life as easy as possible for you.

We believe teachers' time is valuable and Vizi exists to give you what you need as fast and easily as possible. Free comprehensive support is provided to all users, help will always be given at Vizi, to those who ask for it.

Parents' evenings

Always turn up to parents' evenings prepared, able to show student progress, trouble areas and points of success with a single click or tap. Parents will understand Vizs as intuitively as you.

Report writing

Vizi's AI reports crunch your data and give you written reports on each student. Charts to support the statements can be added and a whole suite of reports for a group printed with one click.


Set online quizzes for your students as homework, classwork or just for fun! Quizzes are automatically marked and added straight into your markbook... no more marking!

Just for you

Vizi isn't just for whole schools... to let Vizi mark work in seconds, automagically write your reports and to make parents evenings a cinch, type in your email below and click Get started!

Senior leadership

Inform your strategy decisions with the full picture of your school's information to an unparalleled degree. An education strategy solely based on last years exam results will never be as good as it could be, if it were updated with live real time information on student progress and attainment.

No additional data input is required from SLT or admin, as teachers record their own results. As Vizi centralises all data, Vizs for departments, faculties, year groups and more are created automatically and can be used for either an instant snapshot or in detail for planning and strategy.

Senior leadership


Any demographic information you choose to record can be added to Vizs. SEN requirements, EAL, gender and more can be compared and tracked.

Unmatched access

We are confident that there is no other tool that can provided the instant level of information Vizi gives you, from a single student's homework to a whole school snapshot.

Centralised control

Targets, SEN plans and more can be set centrally and made accessible to the individuals you specify using our simple and easy to use admin controls.



Vizi's student portal is designed to be easy to use and quick to access. Students can see at a glance any work they have been set, upcoming assessments and results that their teacher has chosen to publish to them.

Vizs are just as effective for students to understand their progress as everyone else. Published results can be made visible to students by their teachers, allowing them to see their own attainment and progress.


Interactive quizzes can be completed by students on any device. These can provided instant feedback to the students as well as being automatically marked for the teacher.

Homework calendar

Students can see homework they have been set and when it is due on their calendar. The calendar can also show their timetable and other tasks.


Assessments that are set in Vizi can have resources attached to help students complete their work. These can include (but are not limited to!), word files, powerpoints, pdfs, pictures, videos and more.



Teacher-parent communication has never been simpler. Parents are alerted to work set to their children, and any results/feedback that the teacher wishes to share with them.

Vizis student and parent modules keep teachers, students and parents on the same page with regards to work set and feedback. Parents can view Vizs of their child's performance, provided they are shared by the teacher.

Multi child

Vizi has built in support for parents with more than one child at the school, allowing parents to see all children at once, or switch between them easily.

Parent resource

Teachers can share resources with parents only, providing quick hints, how-to guides or mark schemes to assist parents with helping their child complete assessments.

Parent feedback

Feedback for assessments can be tailored and published to parents only, providing an informal communication on student progress outside of parents' evening.